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Fandom/Pairing: Super Junior- Kyumin, slight!Soosun, implied!Kihyuk

Length: One-shot

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Smut, Highschool!AU

Summary: Kyuhyun’s a horny teen, Sungmin’s friends seem to have crazy fetishes, but the sex is good and that’s all that really counts. Double Penetration. Use of toys.



Kyuhyun hated to admit it but when people told him he was a ‘Horny Bastard’ he knew they weren’t lying. Well, take now for instant. It was only half an hour ago that his pretty boyfriend Sungmin had met up with him in the boys washroom to give him a blowjob- and a hell of an awesome one at that, Kyuhyun could feel himself getting hard from just thinking about Sungmin's pretty pink lips wrapped around his cock, sucking, biting, doing all the right things at all the right- Kyuhyun shook his head. He couldn’t get hard now. Not in math class where his old bat of a teacher wouldn’t let him go to the bath room to jack off. Not to mention that she has scary super hearing for someone so old, Kyuhyun couldn’t afford to moan by mistake.

“Looks like it’s grown again”, someone had snickered.

Kyuhyun shot a glare towards Kibum, sitting on his left.

“Cho Kyuhyun!”  Kyuhyun jumped at his teacher’s shrill voice. “Stop thinking dirty in my class! I know I’m attractive, but restrain yourself.”

Kyuhyun mentally puked at the image of his teacher as everyone else in the burst out laughing.



Sungmin wasn’t really all that surprised when he was pushed against his neighboring locker and Kyuhyun's lips were suddenly on his. The older boy moaned and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck as Kyuhyun prodded his mouth open with his tongue.  

Kyuhyun sucked on Sungmin's tongue before pulling away, muttering “I missed you baby.” Against Sungmin's ear. He moved his mouth downwards, sucking and licking against his boyfriends pretty pale neck.

“God! How many times do have to tell you to get a room!”

Kyuhyun jumped and stopped his ministrations as the handle of Sunkyu’s (Sungmin's increasingly annoying younger sister- Kyuhyun though sourly) cheery-yellow umbrella came down on his butt.

“What is your problem?” Kyuhyun hissed out, trying to keep the venom out of his voice- well she may be annoying and a total cock block  but she was Sungmin's ‘precious baby sister’.

“Well excuse me for not wanting to see my brother having dry-sex with his flipping horny excuse boyfriend in the middle of the flipping hallway!” She said stingily with a quirk of her nose and a hand on her hips.

“Ah, Sunny-ah...”  Sungmin started nervously, Kyuhyun snorted.

“You didn’t see me complaining when you and your flipping horny excuse for a girlfriend were having dry sex on top of your kitchen table last week.” He shot a quick look at Sunkyu’s girlfriend Sooyoung as she appeared behind the short girl and added, “No offence, Choi.”

“None taken.” She answered cheekily kissing the top of her small girlfriends head as she sputtered, red in the face.

“W-well, I’m not a total pervert like you!” She countered, smacking Kyuhyun with her umbrella again.

Kyuhyun winced and Sungmin flailed, fussing over his boyfriend. “SUNNY!”

Sunkyu looked away pouting.

“Um, we’ll just… go.” Sooyoung piped up nervously, dragging her feisty girlfriend away from the couple against the locker.

Kyuhyun glared at their retreating figures. “Why was she carrying an umbrella anyways?”

“Prop for drama cl-” Sungmin tried to answer before Kyuhyun cut him off with another kiss.

“Come one.” He said, pulling Sungmin by his wrist and away from his locker.

“Where are we going?” Sungmin asked, stumbling after his boyfriend.

“Getting a room.”



“Kyuhyun!” Sungmin squealed as the taller boy pushed him against the wall by the door, not wasting time, hands pushing his shirt up his chest as he dragged his fingers across the pale skin.

“Kyuhyun! This isn’t a room! It’s the roof! Anyone can see us!” Sungmin cried again.

“Not if you shut up.” Was the short mumble as proceeded to kiss down Sungmin's neck once again, fingers nimbly tweaking the shorter boy’s nipples.

“Ah- Kyu-Kyuhyun! At least close the door!” Sungmin groaned out, nervously eyeing the roof door, which was cracked open. Kyuhyun was into much of a rush to make sure the door had fully closed.

 “I dun wanna.” Kyuhyun mumbled around Sungmin's skin. He wasted no time, hands quickly leaving Sungmin's abdomen to fiddle with the fly of Sungmin's pants.

Sungmin squeaked, his hands quickly leaving his sides to cup Kyuhyun’s busy ones.

What Sungmin?” Kyuhyun snapped, a tad annoyed. Hey, he’s been horny since second period and he hadn’t seen signs of relief any time soon.

Sungmin blushed red. “I-I can’t let you today.” he stuttered, trying to pry Kyuhyun’s hand away from his crotch.

“What?” Kyuhyun asked slightly ticked.  “Why not!? Minnie! Come on! I’m hard!!” He whined, moving his fingers around Sungmin's and getting his button undone.

Sungmin blushed even more, giving up on moving Kyuhyun’s hands and trying to push him away instead.

“C-come on Kyu! I have my reasons! If you’re that horny I’ll blow you!”

“You tried that already!” He countered, pulling down the fly of Sungmin's pants and kissing his neck again.

“N-no Kyu! You can’t today! It’s too emba-”

“HA!” Kyuhyun cut him off as he managed to pull down Sungmin's pants and boxers down. He grinned evilly at Sungmin's mortified look and pushed the older boy down onto the floor so his but was in the air.

And then he blushed.

“He-hey, Min. Why is-is that-”

Sungmin whined and covered his red face. “I TOLD YOU, YOU COULDN’T TODAY!” he cried, downright embarrassed.

Kyuhyun stepped back nervously for a moment. He looked over Sungmin's blushing, curled up form for a moment before it finally struck him.

He kneeled down beside his boy, eyes darkened with sudden lust. He pulled Sungmin into a seated position against the wall, pulling his knees apart so he could get a clear look at his ass. Sungmin all the while blushed, face covered by his hands save for his eyes, where he was peeking at Kyuhyun from between his fingers.

“How long has this been in you?” Kyuhyun asked, voice suddenly deep and husky. Sungmin squeaked as Kyuhyun was glaring at him in an almost predator like way. “Well?” He urged.

Sungmin covered his mouth as moaned. Kyuhyun grinned evilly, his fingers nudging at the, rather vulgar, object jammed inside Sungmin's ass. A vibrator, buzzing away soundly at a low level against the inside of walls of the boy.

“Well Minnie?” he asked lowly, mouth pressed against the shell of Sungmin's ear, peering at the blushing boy through narrowed eyes. “I never knew you were into things like this.” He continued to finger the vibrator.

Sungmin gasped, “Hae said I was to pussy to do it!” He blurted out, looking at Kyuhyun helplessly. “He said there was no way I could keep it in me the entire day!”

Kyuhyun hummed against Sungmin's jaw happily, feeling Sungmin squirm under him uncomfortably as he stroked the base of his thigh, trailing his fingers up and across the underside of his cock. “So it’s been in you all day?” He asked, eyes opening to give Sungmin an innocent look.

Sungmin nodded, avoiding Kyuhyun’s eyes.

“Well, I guess you can’t help but keep it in. You’re pride is at stake after all.” Kyuhyun smirked. But I still have a problem Minnie.” He breathed against Sungmin's lips, forcing the older boy to look at him. He pulled Sungmin's hand against his hard cock, “See?”

“I said I’d blow you Kyu-”

He was cut off by Kyuhyun’s slightly sadistic chuckle. The younger boy grinned lecherously, grabbing Sungmin's thighs and hooking his legs around his waist. “You know, I have a better idea.”

Sungmin sucked a scared breath as Kyuhyun undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. “y-yah, Kyuhyun… Don’t do it.” He stuttered. His ever considerate boyfriends merely grinned at him, eyes gleaming scarily.

“Relax Min, It’ll be fun.”

 Sungmin pushed himself up on his hands. “You’re not the one who’s gonna have two- AH GOD!” Sungmin cut off, his head rolling back as Kyuhyun suddenly turned up the setting on the vibrator.

“Now just chill, okay?” Kyuhyun said. Sungmin could feel the tip of Kyuhyun’s penis on the rim of his ass hole, above the vibrator.

 “K-yu-Kyunnie!” Sungmin suddenly cried as Kyuhyun entered him, right above the toy. He chocked at the feeling, as if his ass was ripping from the combined thickness of Kyuhyun and the vibrator. “Kyu-Kyuhyun! Take-TAKE IT OUT!” He yelled, body thrashing at the sheer discomfort of the intrusion. He panted, eyes pooling with tears as he glared up at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun groaned at the feeling of the vibrator buzzing against the underside of his cock, combined with the utter tightness of Sungmin around him, it was wonderful. He leaned down to press his lips against Sungmin, disregarding the glare shot by the other.

“It’ll –ah- get better, Min.” He mumbled against Sungmin's open mouth. Sungmin whined, pushing forward in an attempt to bit at Kyuhyun’s lips.

“It hurts Kyuhyun. Take. It. Out.” He groaned.

“No.” Kyuhyun stated, pushing in deeper. Sungmin gasped, grabbing onto Kyuhyun’s shirt as he pushed all the way in. He bit his lip, hiding his face against Kyuhyun’s shirt. He groaned. He knew he wasn’t gonna win the argument. Not when Kyuhyun was already so far gone. Sungmin never won when it came to sex.

“F-fine.” He snapped, looking up at Kyuhyun, his face determined despite the tears running down his cheeks. “But you owe me.”

Kyuhyun grinned cheekily before pressing his lips against Sungmin's forehead. “Anything for my baby.” He managed, pulling out of Sungmin, the vibrator following him out part way, before he slammed back in, making Sungmin wince, the vibrator once again moving along with him.

Sungmin sniffed. “You’re paying for my tattoo.” He muttered breathily, watching Kyuhyun’s expression with knotted brows.

Kyuhyun looked at him. Well, that would be a few hundred bucks flushed out of his pockets. Kyuhyun felt his cock pulse as he pushed in all the way again. Well, at least it was worth it.

 Kyuhyun smiled. “Whatever you say.” He said kissing Sungmin full on the lips.

Sungmin moaned weekly as Kyuhyun continued to pump in and out of him. He got shivers from the fullness and the vibrations from the toy, even though the thickness in his ass still made him slightly uncomfortable.

“Kyu!” He whined against their open mouthed kiss, raising his hips so his erection brushed against the coarse fabric of Kyuhyun’s uniform shirt.

Kyuhyun moved to grab Sungmin's cock in his hand, pumping it in time with his thrusts. He moved his mouth against Sungmin's neck against, leaving him with even more re marks.

“Ah, Kyu!” Sungmin panted as Kyuhyun’s thrust caused the vibrator to push against his prostate. Kyuhyun looked up cheekily.

He paused for a moment, making Sungmin look up questioningly. He grinned at the look, moving his hands other hand between them so he could jam the vibrator against Sungmin's prostate.

“KYUHYUN!” Sungmin moaned, arching as the toy vibrated relentlessly against his prostate. “KYU! MORE!” He demanded, panting.

Kyuhyun obliged, one hand keeping the vibrator in place and the other continuing to pump Sungmin's cock.

Both boys groaned continuously, feeling themselves close to their finish.

Kyuhyun moaned at a particularly big thrust, the combined pleasures finally getting to him as he emptied himself into Sungmin.

Kyuhyun continued to pump Sungmin before he came too, covering Kyuhyun’s hand.

Kyuhyun groaned as he pulled out of Sungmin, carful so the vibrator was still nestled inside his boyfriend’s body.

Sungmin sighed thankfully as Kyuhyun turned the level down on the vibrator and proceded to clean them up.

“God Min,” He started, looking at the toy inside Sungmin, “How can you go the entire day with that in you?”

Sungmin scowled, “I’m sure it would have been easier if you hadn’t fucked me. At least I could have been able to move.” Sungmin stated. “But I don’t know. I just do.”

Kyuhyun was about to make a remark when they suddenly heard voices behind the roof door. Both of them froze.  

Sungmin squeaked as the door pushed open and a stunned pair walked in on them.

Eunhyuk blushed and covered his eyes, at the sight while Kibum merely detached his arm from Eunhyuk’s waist and walked back down the stairs.

“I knew he was horny but this is ridiculous!” Was what you could hear him say as he walked back down the steps.

Eunhyuk looked at Kibum then the pair before him, before stuttering “Hey, Ki-Kibum! Wait for me!”

Sungmin hissed at Kyuhyun as Eunhyuk ran out the door. “I told you to close it!”

Kyuhyun merely ginned sheepishly.



A/N: Well, Kyu’s slightly sadistic but overall much better than my last smut :)

Watch my community if you like what you read!

Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: super junior, genre: alternative universe, genre: smut, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, rating: nc-17, type: oneshot
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